Product Solutions
Specification customized development of raw material products, personalized application services for terminal products
Zero Sugar and Zero Calories Solution

The zero-sugar and zero-card program is a customized product developed and produced in response to the current status and problems of the diet, nutrition and health of Chinese residents. We fully understand the needs of customers to control sugar intake, provide customers with healthy food solutions that reduce sugar and fat with a professional team, and are committed to providing customers with high-quality differentiated services.

Shelf-life Extension Solution

We know that food safety is related to people’s livelihood issues, so for merchants, the shelf life of food is very important. Through project cooperation, we help customers solve various problems in the use of food during the shelf life, and continue to provide customers with technological innovation. Create value.

Health Management Solution

People who have a good body usually have their own "small abacus" in terms of diet, and they know how to cleverly use diet for body management. In addition to exercise, physical health also depends on nutritional supplements, as does "brain health". Whether young or old, of course, I long to remember the good old days. With years of deep understanding and research on the domestic food market, we can provide customers with formula design to complete pilot trials and overall solutions for customers. We are a reliable long-term partner of customers.

Food Stabilization Solution

Every food has its own unique flavor, and good flavor is an important factor in the quality of food. The flavor of food determines the acceptability of food, and most consumers pay attention to the flavor of food. We study the flavor characteristics of substances and grasp the needs of people for food flavor. We help customers and partners better adapt to the trend and continue to provide innovative food flavor solutions.

Skin Care Solution

The skin is carefully cared for, showing a natural and youthful state, which can highlight a different temperament and let us have a confident beauty. Our customized oatmeal products developed and produced according to the needs of women are safe in ingredients. All natural ingredients are extracted, which can help repair the skin and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Oatmeal has a strong moisturizing and water-locking effect, and can be gentle Care for sensitive skin!

Food Stabilization Solution

People in daily life have higher and higher requirements for food quality, color, aroma, taste, etc., and emulsifiers have become indispensable food additives in the modern food industry. Emulsifiers are often used in the food industry to stabilize the physical state of food and improve the structure of food. We are constantly researching to ensure that it is playing a role while reducing the amount of it added to achieve the purpose of high efficiency, safety, nutrition, health, and multi-function.

Animal Feed Solution

Animal nutrition is a discipline closely related to people's lives, because it determines the quantity and quality of meat, eggs, and milk that consumers need every day. We provide natural solutions, technical information and support for the global animal nutrition industry. We share our scientific research results with our partners and help our partners' industries provide solutions to meet industry challenges.

Industrial Anti-oxidation Solution

Antioxidants are used not only as food, but also as antioxidants to prevent changes in medicines and cosmetics. In industry, antioxidants BHA, BHT and their derivatives are widely used to prevent the deterioration of rubber, synthetic resin and gasoline due to oxidation. With years of deep understanding and research on domestic industry, we can provide customers with design to complete pilot trials and overall solutions for customers. We are a reliable long-term partner for customers.