About L&P
Nutrition, health and food safety solution provider
Brand story

L&P , light and pleasant, are the most appropriate words to describe the taste of sucralose. As the pioneering enterprise of sucralose in China, based on the technology precipitation of the former Guangdong Food Industry Research Institute, L&P Food Ingredient Co., Ltd(L&P Foods),led by technological innovation today, has always stayed true to the original mission for 40 years. L&P Foods continues to expand from the food field to functional food ingredients, personal care daily chemical raw materials, chemical raw materials and feed additives etc., and is developing from yesterday's " Manufacturer of Specialty Food Ingredients with Eco-production" to today's "Solution Provider for Nutrition, Health and Food Safety". L&P Foods is with you all the way to create future solutions.

Innovation and development
Green Intelligent Manufacturing

L&P Foods is committed to clean production, environment protection and sustainable development. With high standards of production management, combined with advanced production technology and environmental protection concepts, we have adopted a series of diversified clean production measures, such as, adopting the international advanced level of chemical pretreatment methods to treat production wastewater, creating conditions for subsequent high-efficiency biochemical treatment; adopting domestic advanced level of high-efficiency extractive distillation technology to solve the problem of solvent recovery and reducing pollution sources; turning waste products into high-quality products; recycling and utilizing the exhaust gas in the production process.

L&P Foods has always firmly established a new concept of green development since foundation, and actively fulfilled its main responsibility for pollution prevention, and formed a benign interaction among people, planet and profit.

Ingenuity Technology

L&P Foods has Guangye Biotechnology Research Institute as its source of scientific research strength,which is playing an important role for formula design and application technical support based on customer needs; actively exploring new ideas and supporting L&P Foods to become the world’s leading  manufacturer of specialty food ingredients with eco-production. At present, the institute has established a post-doctoral workstation, gathered more than 50 professional engineers, equipped with more than 20 million instruments and equipment, an experimental area of 3,000 square meters, 65 invention patents, and has established close cooperative relations with many universities and foreign research and development institutions.

2014 year

The National Health and Family Planning Commission approved the 70% oat beta glucan that applied by Guangdong Food Industry Research Institute as a novel food

2015 year

Started production of phosphatidylserine

2019 year

Started production and sales of Glucosyl steviol glycosides 

2010 year

Participated in the drafting of the national standard for sucralose

2011 year

L&P Food Ingredient Co., Ltd(L&P Foods) was established, providing stable supply of L&P brand products worldwide

2008 year

Participated in the drafting of the TBHQ national standard

1998 year

Started production of antioxidant TBHQ

2004 year

Established a sucralose production line and successfully put it on the market

1993 year

Started production of food sweetener Acesulfame

1984 year

Guangdong Food Industry Research Institute was established