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Butyl hydroxyanisole BHA

BHA, commonly known as butyl hydroxyanisole, is a mixture of two isomers of 2-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole and 3-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole.It has excellent solubility in oils and fats and excellent "carry in" capability in baked and fried foods. BHA provides excellent stability for a variety of foods, fats, oils and food packaging materials, and can be used in many countries and regions such as the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Malaysia etc.


Chemical name: Butyl hydroxyanisole

Molecular formula:C11H16O2

Structural formula:丁基羟基茴香醚C11H16O2

Product Features

 Strong antioxidant capacity with low concentrations

 Excellent shelf life extender

 Good stability at high temperature

 Excellent solubility, easy to use

 No peculiar smell after the product is added

 Strong "carry in" capability in baked and fried foods

 No coloration with metal ions

 Good antibacterial performance


The most important property of BHA is its ability to remain active in baked and fried foods.


The "carry in" capacity of BHA and BHT in baked and fried foods with 0.01% content

Source: Guangye Biotechnology Research Institute

Application methods
Direct Method

Add 0.05-0.20 g/kg to the oil directly until it is completely dissolved and mixed, or mix it with 5-10% oil before application.

Brine impregnation

Marinated meat products and dried fish products are added directly by 0.05-0.20 g/kg or immersed in brine containing 0.005-0.02% BHA.

Mixing method

For fried foods, biscuits, instant noodles, quick-cooked rice, canned dried fruits, add 0.05-0.20 g/kg of BHA to the oil used.Other foods such as ham or sausage, BHA can be added by mixing antioxidants with seasonings.

Dilution spray

The diluted BHA solution can be sprayed directly on the inner surface of food packaging materials, or the packaging bag can be filled with antioxidant steam or sprayed with BHA on the packaging paper, of which the dosage is 0.02%-0.1%.