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Tert-butyl hydroquinone TBHQ

Chemical name: tert-butyl hydroquinone

Molecular formula: C10H14O2

Molecular weight: 166.22

Structural formula:图片3-removebg-preview-(1)

Product Features

 Efficient, stable and safe

 No smell

 Inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold


●  Since the amount of antioxidants added is small, in order to exert its antioxidant effect more effectively, TBHQ should be mixed with the easily oxidized fats and vitamins in the feed before mixing with the corresponding raw materials;

●  TBHQ should be used before the product has undergone rancidity and deterioration, and avoid mixed use with PG, and avoid use under alkaline conditions;

●  It is irritating to skin and eyes, avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes; avoid inhaling the dust of the product; may be harmful if swallowed; wash thoroughly with soap and water after contact;

●  During storage and transportation, pay attention to moisture, breakage, high temperature and sun exposure.