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Oat beta-glucan

Oat β- glucan solution - 1% is a pure natural polysaccharide extracted from high quality oats and linked by β2,3 and β-1,4 glycosidic bonds. It has good solubility, transparency and safety, and contains about 1.0% of oat beta-glucan.


Chemical name: Water, oatβ-glucan

Molecular formula:[C6H1206]n

Structural formula:燕麦β-葡聚糖(C6H12O6)n

Product information
Product appearanceColorless or light yellow transparent liquid
Smell Odor:Mild oatmeal faint scent
pH (10%):4.5~6.5
Solubility:It can be mixed with water in any proportion
Oat β- glucan:1%±0.1%

Molecular structure

Mechanism of action



Structural feature

It is the polysaccharide composed of sugar monomers connected by cellotriose and fiber cellotetrose (namely 1, 2 and 1, 4 glycosidic bonds); The content ratio of (1, 3) glycosidic bond and (1, 4) glycosidic bond in β - glucan is 3: 7

Oat β- glucan solution - 1% quickly penetrates the skin for excellent transdermal absorption

Intermolecular structure

Unbranched single-helix conformation

Hydrophilic group is exposed and soluble in water

Water absorption

Oat β- glucan solution - 1% absorbs moisture

Membrane-forming property


Oat β- glucan solution - 1% prevents water loss


Slow release

Oat β- glucan solution - 1% endows the product with long-term moisturizing characteristic

The combination of macrophages and neutrophilic granulocyte in the human immune system has been substantially improved, thus enhancing the activity and phagocytosis of macrophages as well as the immunity of animals

Oat β- glucan solution - 1% promotes wound healing and removing scars effectively; contributes to fiber cell proliferation and skin tissue matrix synthesis

Oat β- glucan solution - 1% improves skin roughness and increases skin elasticity; functioning after-sun repair, anti - aging; anti-allergic inflammation

Product Benefits


Application Suggestions

Solubility: Compatibility between this product and other raw materials of cosmetics is commendable. This product can be added directly to the aqueous phase during production. In the low-temperature environment in winter, the product will separate out slight white precipitate, which is normal. You can do a filtration during the use, and it does not affect the actual use effect of the product. 

Compatibility: It will fail to develop good compatibility with alcohol when the alcohol content of the formula is more than 25%. 

Recommended dosage: Low-end product 1%~2%, middle-end product 3%~5%, high-end product 8%~10%, and the effect would be better when combined with other active ingredients at 80℃. 


Skin care products/Cosmetics

Personal Care

Hair Care

Eye cream, Moisturizer,

Lotion, Essence,

Face cream, Facial mask,

Hand cream, Moisturizer,

Sunscreen, Barrier cream,


Shower gel.

Hand sanitizer



Wet wipes

Scar product

Anti - allergy anti - pruritic products

The conditioner