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L-theanine is a special free amino acid in tea, and is also the main ingredient of tea, which has the functions of calming nerves, lowering blood pressure and improving immunity.

L&P L-theanine is produced by using food-grade L-glutamic acid as raw material and green production process. It can be used in food and beverage, health food and other products.

Chemical name: N-ethyll-glutamine

CAS: 3081-61-6

Molecular weight: 174.20

Chemical formula: C7H14N2O3


Product Features

●  Description: white or white like crystalline powder

●  Solubility: easy to dissolve in water, insoluble in ethanol, ether

Product advantages

 High purity: no D-theanine

 Stable properties: acid and heat resistance, suitable for all kinds of food processing technology

 High safety: Green production process, no organic solvents are used in the whole process, no solvent residues

 Good taste characteristics: low threshold, fresh taste, can inhibit bitterness and astringency, improve product flavor


High purity: No D- theanine

Stable properties: acid resistant and heat resistant, suitable for all kinds of food processing technology

High safety: green production process, no organic solvent used in the whole process, no residual solvent

Good taste: low threshold, fresh taste,efficient in inhibiting bitterness taste and improving the flavor of the product