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Resistant dextrin

Resistant Dextrin is a new generation of water-soluble dietary fiber produced by natural starch. Many fiber sources are available on the market, but none offers all the benefits of Resistant Dextrin: acid and thermal stability, high digestive tolerance, low glycemic index, low insulinemic index and low caloric value. It is safe for teeth with neutral taste and free to be applied in any food. 

Product Features

● High digestive tolerance

● Lower blood sugar and regulate blood lipids

● Prevent dental caries

● Good water solubility

● Good acid and thermal stability

● Low sweetness and low calories

● Product type: powder, liquid

Appearance: white to light yellow powder
Total dietary fiber content: ≥82%
Ash: ≤0.5%
PH: 4~6
Lead: ≤0.5 mg/kg
Total arsenic: ≤0.5 mg/kg

Resistant dextrin, as a new type of dietary fiber and thickener, expanding agent, formulation aid and filler, it can be used in health food, pasta products, meat products, dairy products, beverages, confectionery, alcohol, condiments and frozen food etc.