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Oat beta glucan

Oat beta glucan is a natural water soluble fiber extract from oat bran by advanced biotechnology. It can promotion of healthy cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels, etc.

Product nameOat β-glucan

Ingredient β-1,3-/1,4-glucan

Information Source:Oat bran

structural formula:


Molecular formula:(C6H12O6)n

Molecular weight: 60 thousand to 2000 thousand daltons

Physical characteristics:White to light yellow powder, no special odor

Product Features

Oat beta glucan is a white to light yellow water soluble fiber, neutral taste powder that integrates easily into a wide variety of foods, beverage and functional ingredient.

● Good water solubility. The taste is pure and smooth, which helps to enhance the taste of the drink.

● Stable to acid, alkali and heat, suitable for all kinds of food processing technology

● It has good viscosity characteristics and emulsification characteristics, making the emulsifier more viscous and stable, with fat-like properties, and convenient to use in low-fat products.

● It has good water-holding performance and can extend the shelf life of biscuits, cakes and other baked products by adjusting the water content.

Physiological functions

Oat beta glucan is a unique soluble fibre ingredient extract form oats, gives your products access to the positive effects recognized for oats,including promotion of healthy cholesterol levels, lower glycaemic respons and protect the digestive system,etc.

Keep the healthy cholesterol levels

Many clinical trial over the years from all over the world have shown that the oat beta glucan can lower the HDL cholesterol and total cholesterol. High cholesterol is one of risk factor in the coronary heart disease.Adding oat beta glucan to the foods can helps to improve the health of heart. Research studies have demonstrated that compared to the control group,intake by 5g/day oat beta glucan can reduce total cholesterol by up to 7.4%.The European Food Safety Authority EFSA approved the health statement that oat β-glucan can lower cholesterol levels. Daily intake of 3 grams of β-glucan can reduce the blood lipid concentration in the serum, thereby reducing the risk of coronary heart disease [2- 3].


Reduce blood glucose response

Oat beta glucan is an active ingredient with effect of reducing blood glucose response. Many clinical trial shown that intake by 30g carbohydrate at least including 4g oat beta glucan can help reduce blood glucose levels after meal. During the evaluation of the research for intake 5g oat beta glucan after meal, compared to the control group, the blood glucose reduce 19% (p<0.005)at 30th minutes after meal, and the blood glucose reduce 16% (p<0.066)at 60th minutes after meal.

The European Commission has granted the health claim for oat beta glucan is that consumption of oat beta glucan can reduce of the blood glucose after meal.


Promote healthy digestive system

According to influence the microbiological compositions and metabolism in intestinal tract, increase intestinal moisture, oat beta glucan is producted into useful short fatty acids(SCFA) which can help maintain healthy of colon. In vitro, base on the intestinal fermentation model, Oat beta glucan can be fermented to produce more butyrate compared to other fibers then improve maintain healthy of colon. Butyrate is the main energy source for colonocytes and has demonstrated anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties.

Product Specification


Product status

Application range

Oat bran powder



Biscuits, breads, cakes, cereal bars and Breakfast cereals, noodles, instant powder, supplements, etc.

Oat beta glucan



Beverages, yogurt, liquid dairy products, instant powders, supplements, etc.