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Steviol Glycoside Reb D

Steviol glycoside RD is a natural glycoside extracted from the Asteraceae herb Stevia. Its taste is close to sucrose, with pure sweetness without obvious bitterness, and its sweetness multiple is about 200-250 times that of sucrose.


Molecular formula: C50H80O28

Structural formula:甜菊糖苷-C50H80O28

Product Features

 Appearance is white to light yellow powder

 Soluble in organic solvents such as water and ethanol

Product advantages

 Reduce costs: partly or completely replace sucrose to reduce costs

 Excellent taste: with a cool taste, the taste of high purity RD is very close to that of sucrose, without obvious bitterness

 Natural Extraction: Extracted from natural stevia, which meets the clean label

 0 sugar 0 calories: no sugar, no calories, no blood sugar reaction, can prevent dental caries

 Good stability: stable under general beverage and food processing temperature and pH

 Good safety: FDA certified as "GRAS" substance

Scope of application

 Steviol glycosides can be used as sweeteners in a variety of foods. It is recommended but not limited to:

 Beverages: Partly or completely replace sucrose, which can improve the taste of beverages, such as reducing the bitterness and astringency of tea and coffee, and enhancing the flavor of juice beverage

 Dairy products: Promote the proliferation of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the human body and extend the shelf life

 Pickled foods: ease sourness, suppress excessive saltiness, and enhance sweetness

 Health food: can effectively prevent tooth decay, low calorie, and will not cause blood sugar increase


Specification model

main indicators


RD 95



RD 99